Friday, November 27, 2009


pick for me a role and i will play the part
it's too much trouble finding my one true heart
a million parts of me at a game of tug-of-war
fighting to be the part that defines me

pouring all of me into a thousand separate tasks
if only i could choose one, maybe my efforts would last
instead i run in circles chasing specks of dust
hoping my identity will extract itself from this mess

lots of me wants to find the music
but the scholar wants to be a forever academic
the vagabond wants to travel the rest of my days
while the writer wants to observe and record all human ways
my hippie part wants to live free without any rules
tug-of-war, all five sides
i've got myself surrounded with four too many faces

mad's a state of mind we drive ourselves to
when we're discouraged from searching or merely confused
when "unanswered questions" is the soundtrack of our life
and our direction has no pattern or rhythm

the player is broken, the CD won't eject
this soundtrack is getting old, i'm so restless
my youth's not eager to stick around
i need some clear direction

lots of me wants to marry the music
but my scholar wants to be a solemn academic
this vagabond wants to roam the earth
my writer favors sober contemplation
while this hippie want to be careless, homeless, and free
tug-of-war, all five sides
i've got myself divided into four too many faces

what do i subtract and what do i combine
i'm running out of feelings, running out of signs
give me a giant blender to make one drink out of five
i'll drink this tonic down and live with the consequences